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Anandam Retirement Community

Location Anandam

On the latitude of love and longitude of leisure lies ANANDAM - Retirement Community which will forever be cherished because of its bonhomie, fun, comfort and good cheer.

, Anandam - Retirement Community, is a part of the 120 acre, Bahri Beautiful Country integrated township located at Genguvarpatti Village, G. Kallupatti Panchayat, Batlagundu,Periyakulam Taluk, Theni District (Foothills Kodaikanal). Your new home is nothing short of a fairytale.

This carefully selected location makes Bahri Beautiful Country the crown jewel that rests upon this great land's neck. It radiates prosperity and purpose to its surroundings and at the same time is the centre piece of the show. It is the kind of place where you put up your feet and let the space around you take over. Worries? Hassles? We don't even let them in. Before you even know it, you're in paradise and the rest is all left behind.

  • 360° view of the breathtaking western ghats with its green hills and pristine mountain streams.

    Beautiful professionally landscaped parks surrounded by natural water bodies.

    Pleasant, and comfortable climate throughout the year.

    Pollution free, stress free and healthy living

    Great alternative to city life

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